Record label


Eminence Record label is positioned to create all forms of music, it is embedded with the need of appreciating every genre, giving the talent everything, they need to produce better songs. Our producers have extensive knowledge in vocals, instrumentation, recording, mix and mastering. We guide our artiste to produce songs that are of top quality and high standards, that’s why we take time to fully understand your audience and what message you intend to send and we put our creativity in motion to get your message across in the sweetest sound you can find.


Develop your talent and make standard music in our music studio that is well equipped with modern day technology and professional beat creation experts that are well aware of today’s trend. At Eminence Africa Entertainment you will find a mentor who will not only help you develop the techniques needed by composers but will also help you discover your own original genre of music through the creation of new music you can discover your own path as a 21st-century artist. Start your career With Eminence, where you’ll be influenced by many of today’s great composers and make lasting connections with up-and-coming performers who will champion the music of tomorrow.


Our singing professors are committed teachers with considerable experience as professional performers and a wide range of industry knowledge and insight.

We offer our clients an opportunity to be coached on the ability to make professional songs that meets industry standards. As a client of our company you will benefit from exceptional opportunities and one-to-one lesson time. Our comprehensive training includes vocal and performance technique, stagecraft. preparing artists for high-level work on stage and in concerts.


Develop your talent in a unique learning environment under the guidance of world-class Vocal Recorders. Eminence Entertainment is at the crossroads of Sierra Leone music and the professionals who do the recordings are active participants in the evolution of the future of music. At Eminence Africa Entertainment you will find a mentor who will not only help you develop the advanced technique on your instrument necessary to compete in any setting, but will also nurture your creative self in a way that will help you to chart your own path as a 21st-century artist.


Capturing your live performance turns a one-off show into a treasured keepsake or valuable product for ongoing use.

Whether you prefer to create physical merch or free online content, live recordings are a fantastic way to provide your fanbase with a product that authentically reflects the experience of your live performance – This also makes it an excellent marketing and promotional tools. At Eminence Africa Entertainment we make it our business to capture every moment, and we also make edits to give you the best quality.