At Eminence we have set a standard for entertainment at the top as we aim to please. We put customer satisfaction above all else. We ensure that our targeted audience are given the pleasure and delight they paid for. Eminence Africa has been at the top of the entertainment industry for the few years it has been in existence through delivering quality services and providing industry standard entertainment.


Eminence entertainment caters for all forms of entertainers, and among our ranks we have singers, instrumentalists, dancers, comedians and DJ’s. We understand the need to nurture and improve skills, giving every talent an opportunity to see value in what they do and improve in areas where necessary. We have talents for every genre of music whether it be: Afro-pop, Hip Hop and Gospel, we also have a comedian. Talents such as Drizilik, Raymond and DJ Kasho who have all done  exceptionally well and rated at the top of their game.


A great Live Band experience can change everything about your event, whether it’s a club party, a corporate event, a birthday, dinner, weddings or even a musical show, live band just has a unique way of letting you listen to music and get a whole new level of satisfaction that you don’t get from just listening to recorded version of songs they play. Eminence Live band understands this feeling, that’s why their live band has not just been a band, but an experience you look forward to, a moment you don’t want to miss and an appointment you always want to take.


Eminence Record label is positioned to create all forms of music, it is embedded with the need of appreciating every genre, giving the talent everything, they need to produce better songs. Our producers have extensive knowledge in vocals, instrumentation, recording, mix and mastering. We guide our artists to produce songs that are of top quality and high standards, that’s why we take time to fully understand your audience and what message you intend to send and we put our creativity in motion to get your message across in the sweetest sound you can find. 


Topnotch Sound
System Rental

90% of entertainment events rely on a great sound system, it enables your audience to feel alive and stay connected to the show. At Eminence we provide good sound systems and the good thing about our sound system is that they are up for rentals. Have and event? Allow your performers to feel more comfortable onstage, and allow MC’s to connect well with their audience uninterrupted. Well look no further as we are here to relieve the stress of finding one/ should I say a good and guarantee one.  we come in to ease that pressure and make everyone comfortable.