Our Story

Eminence Africa was by inception, a social association called Klub Eminence, which in 2013 was re-registered and transformed into something more impactful and lifechanging – a corporate entity. The company was built on a foundation of passion and love for country. It was called “Eminence Africa Entertainment Company Limited”. It started operating fully in 2019 as an entertainment company and with time, multimedia was added to the equation, then events, etc.

By the end of 2020, even though the covid 19 virus hit and many businesses could not survie it, the Eminence team did a great job in sustaining the company; a startup company and by mid-2021, Eminence evolved into a Group of Companies.

Eminence Africa is a holding company now named “Eminence Africa Holding Company Limited” with six subsidiary companies.

Known for going above and beyond for our clients’ satisfaction, Eminence has built reputation of effective and efficient service delivery and a loyal clientele. This is what we are truly about – SERVICE. In pursuit of our mission and with youth empowerment and excellence being our benchmark, the company is made up of team members that are within the average age of 25. So by rendering our services, we create  opportunities for our youths.


To efficiently deliver our services in a way that will gain us the trust of both ours and potential clients and positively change the perception and stereotyping of young African Entrepreneurs.


To see an Africa where our benchmark of youth empowerment and excellence, become the standard and expectation of the continent.

Core Values

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