Our Story

Eminence Africa is a one stop shop for all your event needs, since its inception in 2018 Eminence Africa has maintained very high standards when it comes to events management, talent management, branding and marketing, graphics designing, website development, photography, videography, live band services and the likes. Being able to handle many high-profile events has given us the opportunity to build a team of highly effective team-players, young and energetic, ready to do whatever it takes to not just satisfy the client, but also to create a different narrative, that young creatives can indeed fulfill their potentials and can make a great impact in changing the norms of our society for good.

Over the few years that we have existed for, we have built a standard unlike any that has existed before us. We take skills and talents seriously, that’s why we make sure we put every effort into building the necessary skills and talents of young people to give them that moral boost to understand that their skills and talents worth a great deal. But we don’t just leave them there, we also provide for them the blueprints through which they can thrive to succeed in today’s society.


To efficiently deliver our services in a way that will gain us the trust of both ours and potential clients and positively change the perception and stereotyping of young African Entrepreneurs.


To see an Africa where our benchmark of youth empowerment and excellence, become the standard and expectation of the continent.

Core Values

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